How to set up Zoom integration

Installing Zoom Integration

Any Street Academy user can add “Zoom integration “ to their Street Academy account.


1. Log in to your Street Academy account.
2. From the pull-down menu next to your icon, click the “Account” menu.
3. Go to “External integration” menu.
4. Click on the “Zoom Integration” button.


5. Click “Authorize” button on the Zoom integration page


6. Once authorized, the Street Academy user will be able to see that the Zoom integration was successfully enabled.


Disabling Zoom Integration

1. Click on the ‘Cancel Zoom Integration’ button on your External Service Integration menu.


2. User can re-enable your Zoom integration at any time by following the steps listed above.




After Zoom integration is completed, you can generate Zoom meeting and use it to host your Street Academy class. Particularly, when you schedule a new date for your class, you can generate Zoom meeting instantly and insert it into class session URL to be sent to your students.


Prerequisites to using Zoom integration: you must:

・be logged in as a Street Academy user
・have completed teacher registration
・have created a class page, to which you can add schedule dates


Using Zoom to host your Street Academy class

1. Log in to your Street Academy account.
2. Click on Teach button on left-hand side of the header menu.
3. From your teacher menu, go to “classes”.
4. From the list of your classes, select a class, and click “Add a schedule”.
5. In Class Format, select “Online “.
6. Go to Date and time section and set a date & time.
7. Click “Host with Zoom”.


8. A Zoom-generated URL and password will be pasted into video conference URL box.


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